Aftertaste: The Molecular Orchestra (2019–2021)

AFTERTASTE is a sound installation about the future of food and health. It consists of sculptures inspired by microscopic images that mimic the surface of the human tongue, the human nose, and a set of 24 food molecules. Plant molecules are like families in an orchestra: they stimulate our senses of taste and smell and combine to register the flavor of food in our brain. Here, the audience is invited to play with 24 molecules that bio-mimic compounds from a plant called chicory (Cichorium Intybus). By playing, the audience discovers their biological families and learns about their potential health benefits.

The acoustic experience of AFTERTASTE combined with encourages the public to playfully interact with each other while learning about enhancement, ethics, and healing properties of chicory’s roots. The project is accompanied by a film “ Chicory Unpacked” that investigates the controversies of gene editing research.

In corporation with ArtScienceNode (Berlin) and the CHIC- European Union Project.

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