Continental Drift - Videotape (1990)

Continental Drift compares the process of speculation and excavation in the landscape to the process of diagnosis and treatment in human illness. It focuses on the relationship between the crust of the earth and a comparison between the health of the human body and that of the planet. Continental Drift was inspired by the artist's own experience of breast cancer and alternative cures.

Quote from the Videotape:
"She hears a new voice. It comes from the space between the body and the crust of the earth. It is backed by sounds from the mantle, the source of all energy? Too deep to contact? How does she surmise what the inner core is made of ? She must send down an electronic probe, down deep down, in past the continental crust. Suddenly she finds herself looking out through the scanlines; the masses have drifted apart."

Continental Drift - Performance (1991)

In this performance the audience were asked as they enter the space to choose an organ which they feel was week in their own body. Then they must sit in a position on the follow, which is calculated for this particular organ. In this way they become the micro-body - a set of live cells in the performance plan.

The Interaction with the audience demarcates the boundaries between two performers The first is a mediated figure whose physical movements in the space a are limited by her physical attachment to a monitor with a small surveillance camera attached to her wrist like a hospital drip. The second is a scientist who only appears as a pre-recorded character. These characters symbolise the difference between logic and intuition and well as the contrast between eastern and western philosophy.