Double Dream (1984)

The re-reading of Marshall McLuhan's comments about the controversy over the difference between the associations the viewer has of film and that of Video inspired double dream. Video he suggested was a cold medium and film a hot medium.

Using archetypal myths of television beauty in female advertising to sell products, Doubledream employs two mediated beings (the cool white Nordic water nymph from the sea and the hot dark wild woman from the desert) to re-construct a romantic satire. After playing out their respective erotic scenarios, the video ends with the two beings watching daytime TV advertising.

In the installation the images of this daytime TV are played on two monitors on a sinking 6 meter long Gondola which rotates endlessly in a vortex. The viewer can enter the space and decide for themselves, which they prefer hot or cold and to re-enforce the issue, six large still images from each videotape are also hanging in the space. In these images the scan lines themselves are wide enough to get lost in, thus re-informing the concept of mediated beings.