Machine Dreams (1991)

What has been the relationship between women and technology? Instead of helping to invent the machines have they been relegated to simply working with them for money? Four Women in Machinedreams represent the history of this connection but the woman are not working, instead they gaze off into space as if distracted by utopian dreams.

The idea came from a round table-conversation between Scotts family, she was into communication technology (1990) the sister was sunbeam mix master saleswoman (1960), the mother worked as a typist (1930), the Grandmother - a seamstress (1920). These were the inspiration for the images, however these are mounted behind Plexiglas with clod and logical diagrams of the physics behind the invention of these work-machines.

The machines are also displayed in the space and using virtual detection systems the viewers movement triggers sounds from them as the viewer approaches them. These are connotative of the history of the industrial revolution and work: the Telephone (Satellite Transmission), the typewriter (load and release), the mix master (spin technology), and the sewing machine (magnetic construction).