Media Massage (1989)

An installation and Video Tape (4 mins) about the relationship between Marshall McLuhan and the media transmission set in the Australian Desert. The tape is a manipulation about Marshall Mcluhans famous book The Medium is the Message.

In this case the media is satellite transmission footprints in the Australian desert. The message or massage is effecting the bodies on the grounds that are undergoing sedation through this media. As transmissions waves can easily pass though the body, which is 95 percent water, the mediated being in the video tape, constantly tries to catch and direct the symbols and icon from the medium itself which come spinning towards her. All to no avail even though the lyrics of the song try to persuade her to do so "Come one my dear its not too late massage the media into a state". However in the end the cameras zooms out to show who is manipulating the video transmission itself. It turns out to be a woman.