Immortal Duality (1997-1998)

"Immortal Duality" is about molecular transformation. It consists of an interactive automata, in the spirit of Marie Curie and surrounding her, is an electronic freeze, built into the architecture. As the viewers move in the space, Curie comments on the role of Science in molecular transformation, from the early discovers of molecular phenomena like radium, to the latest developments in DNA manipulation and Human Genome mapping.

Around the walls of this environment, I further depict ethical issues on topics of anti-ageing, cloning and reproduction and the viewer can interact with these to compose sculptural stories. These suggest that a shift in our notions of "matter" and of "nature" and they may change the way artists think about the representation of the human body. As microbiologists have cloned a sheep and predict human cloning in the near future, I wonder both from the perspective of a woman and an artist what will happen to human reproduction as well as the concepts of art and representation. Here the viewer is sure to end up with pertinent questions of their own, about the desires of the general public; of artists, of scientists and of women within the molecular attempt to re-design the future human body.