Interskin (1997)

More internal and ephemeral desires for transformations of the body are effected by the digitisation of medical imaging and computer mapping of the interior of the human body. Such is the experience of "Interskin", a virtual reality game between two players and a moderator. The moderator can only observe and interrupt the players, while the players can "go inside" separate body parts, behind the human skin, guided by selected "avatars" or "agents". Together these body parts form a spiral around the "T'an Tien" or centre of the human body.

In the game one can explore the gender and identity of a second self or other body which may reside deep inside the viewer's personality. As the aim is to find this second personality. The reactions the participant makes to the various choices or belief systems effects the type of inner body the viewer may find. These choices are made from Western, Eastern or alternative medical presentations.

In Interskin, I suggest that alternative ways of seeing and associating through the technologies of cyberspace and digital multimedia can also play an important role in the concept of transformation of the human body.