Out, the Back (1980)

Attendants led the audience into the space with flashlights. A spotlight illuminated a cocoon of masking tape on the wall. The figure was enclosed inside this tape which secured it to the wall. The figure broke out from this tape and from the history of the image on the wall.

She played the digeridoo over sound of pre-recorded drones which filled the space. The figure moved to a long low table where a set of black boxes was situated at one end and a pendulum hung over the other. First the boxes were unpacked. The first box contained a circular mirror and the figure looked at her own reflection. The second contained a large knife and the figure cut open her leg and chest so that a volume of sand flowed out. The third box contained many crickets and these were places under a microphone to amplify their sounds.

The figures played the digeridoo into the empty boxes and this amplified the sound of the playing layering it with the crickets. She them moved towards the revolving desert simulators, where the small metals were continuously marking time trough sand and turned the sound up. She then sat very still under a funnel of sand, which slowly poured over her body and changed her shape.