Sand the Stimulant (1980)

The audience had to sit on the floor. The stage was set up to simulate a set of lost technological gadgets at dusk strewn across the desert floor. These lay in waiting for the interaction of the figure who stood in silhouette behind a circular spotlight on a screen. On other video monitors lizards were being fed live crickets, while on other screens of nuclear power plants were being projected.

The figure moved out through the threshold of the screen and emerged with a digeridoo which she played. Then she moved around the stage and activated various contact microphones which blended with the vocal and instrumental sounds she was also making. Slapping raw rubber on a large set of rotating pipes provide a sensitive backdrop for amplified scratching sounds from the Revolving Desert Simulators which she controls with her foot.

At one point in an illuminated box, she attempts to eat trapped live crickets in a Plexiglas box at another she attempts to carry the heavy monitor with the nuclear message one her shoulders. Finally two funnels of sand poured into dishes over the figures right and left hands to simulate a scale, until the weight of both could no longer be supported and the figure lay prostrated on the floor.