Jill Scott will work on a new art and science work called Aftertaste. This project is part of a Horizon 2020 European Union program, that evaluates NMBP and BIOTEC research centered on the health benefits of the plant- Chicory. Together with partners in the project, The Art Science Node ( ASN) in Berlin, she is developing an innovative communication strategy using art and science to share a wide range of research on the chicory plant with the public and foster exchanges within the CHIC consortium. The project requires Scott to be engaged in several Artist-in-Residencies in Science labs in Europe over the next three years.


Upcoming Lecture
On March 12, 2019 Jill Scott will speak at Experimenta Social

ACMI X, Level 4, 2 Kavanagh Street Southbank, Melbourne VIC AUSTRALIA


Neuromedia: Art and Neuroscience research
In 2002, Jill Scott invented the term Neuromedia, to describe collaborative attempts that can demystify the complexity of perception by combining media art with neuroscience research. She is focused on the human body, the social and physical impact of technology on our bodies and the health of our environment. She asks: How does technological and biotechnical “progress” affect way we “see” our body? How can artists raise awareness about behavior, the human body and the health effects of our own physical environment on our bodies? To address these questions, she builds interactive media installations that immerse viewers inside designed environments- a personal quest to gain a deeper understanding of our human sensory limitations and abilities. In this talk she will show eight of her immersive projects that investigate how sight, touch, taste, smell, sound and tactile perception work together. She combines this journey with molecular, augmented and virtual technologies and utilizes poetic analogies that might help people reflect on their own ideological, biological, ecological, gendered and ethical futures.

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