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Jill Scott will be speaking at ISEA 2017. The international Symposia of Electronic Art. Colombia.

Jellyeyes (2016 - current)

Jellyeyes: Evolution and Vision Front View Jellyeyes: Evolution and Vision Back View

JELLYEYES | is a combination of interactive art, ecology and neuroscience. It is an augmented reality experience that gives viewers an insight into the evolution of our human eyes and our relationship to the eyes of the Australian box jellyfish and the squid (calamari). JELLYEYES provides immersive interactions with co-evolution, structural evolution and comparative evolution. The iPhone camera or the iPad Camera sees a photograph of the Barrier Reef in real time and the viewer can explore words, images, films and sounds to reflect upon the evolution of vision and how it is related to symbiosis, movement, survival and the environment. But two other characters also swim in the same sea: the unaware tourist (or hunter) and the evolutionary biologist (or collector). We are much closer to sea animals than we imagine but what kind of affect is our behavior having on them?

Download the App

Step 1 | Download the JellyEyes Photo here

Step 2 | Download the App from the iTunes App store here
(Attention: This app is full of beautiful films and images and is therefore 1GB in size. You will need an iPhone 6 or the latest iPad for optimum performance.)

Step 3 | Once purchased the app will ask you for permission to use the camera, select yes.

Step 4 | Point the camera of the iPhone or iPad at the downloaded photo and enjoy!!


Jill Scott and Marille Hahne, AIL Productions
Programming | Nikolaus Volzow
Animation | Natascha Jankovski
Special thanks | Film School Munich
Funded by | Pro Helvetia, The Swiss Arts Council